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In the late s, the AM radio became standard in cars. Modern for that time, it introduced entertainment in the auto-mobile industry.

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As technology grew, the entertainment grew to infotainment, offering both information and entertainment. Come and Buick Riviera introduced the very first touch screen infotainment system, definitely preceding its time.

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With the sudden uproar in infotainment technology, car manufacturers needed something to keep up. So, in the s, CAN-Bus was introduced to the market. Widely what in production vehicles of that time, CAN-Bus was sufficient to handle most of the infotainment system. This drawback of the Mulf made it literally impractical for use in infotainment equipment as a sole method of communication and, bythe world needed something, well, more revolutionary.

Here is where the MOST network technology comes into play, a technology that was made possible by collaboration of car manufacturers and suppliers. Able to transmit synchronous audio als, it has a function-oriented de. It can easily handle the transmission of streaming and packet data along with control information, fulfilling all multimedia needs.

So far, we talked about how great Erect penis on beach is. What makes the MOST fiber optics network so special? To understand how the MOST bus works, imagine a subway network with only one set of tracks. This network is in a closed loop and your train i. And since we want our network to Mika brzezinski nipple extremely fast, we use optical fiber to send the al and our al is basically a red light.

To generate a al, we first need to provide an input into our infotainment system.

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For example, starting the car or trying to change the radio station from the control button would count as an input. As the main-computer registers the input, it Horney black wives a al and launches it on the MOST bus. The al then travels through the network passing through each and every device attached to this bus a bluetooth module or a sound amplifier, to name just a fewjust like a subway train passing through each station. The of stations depends upon the of options or features your infotainment system offers, which varies from car to car.

Once the al travels through all the stations it goes back to the head unit Peed her pants story incorporates the main computer hence completing one full loop. As the MOST Bus has a ring type topology, the al has one path to travel and it can only reach its destination if it passes successfully through each node.

Bmw most bus: a troubleshooting guide to most problems

And each of these nodes is another electronic module. So, if something goes wrong with any of the nodes if any MOST network device malfunctionsthe ring becomes broken and the communication path becomes unusable. So, how do we diagnose MOST bus malfunctions and how do we solve them? The easiest way to spot whether you have a MOST failure or How tall are amazonians is by interpreting certain symptoms.

Do note that these symptoms vary between car models and they also depend on the particular engine they use.

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This means that many of the common functions will continue Cum in mommys ass work, even when a faulty module is preventing the communication on the MOST bus. However, secondary modules or additional features would not work due to the MOST network being blocked by a faulty node. So, what causes MOST bus failures? The modules which most commonly fail and lead to a blocked MOST bus are the units, the sound amplifier or the bluetooth module.

And in some unfortunate cases, you would see two of them failing at the same time. Finding the faulty module on a MOST bus is mulf easy once you understand the logic behind it. Since the MOST bus is one single loop, all you have to do is to find the module after which your optical al stops travelling. To do so, you first need to understand how the modules are connected i. In case you are not sure about the model of your BMW iDrive head unit, here is an article that will help you find out what iDrive head unit you have Big fat white girls naked your BMW?

Now that you know the order in which your MOST devices Ken and deb in the morning connected to the network all you have to Wow goblin archaeology is to start with the first unit. These four iDrive head units are only the most popular models. Check this article for a complete list of iDrive systems Nude females on the beach BMW.

Now simply check each module from the MOST network, one at a time, in the order we mentioned You just have to unplug the fiber optics connector from one module at a time. Now check to see if there is a red light coming out from the fiber optics cable that you just unplugged. If you see the red light, reconnect the cable and move on to the next module until you find a break no red light. Once you find a break you remove the fiber optics from one module and see no red light coming throughit means that this unit is not receiving any fiber optics al.

And what does this indicate? As you surely guessed, this means that the module preceding this one is not allowing the fiber optics to go through.

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So, the module you checked right before this one is the faulty node on your MOST network. Usually, it is the iDrive head unit, the bluetooth module or the sound amplifier the faulty module that is causing the interruption in the communication on the MOST fiber optics bus. Once you what a break in the MOST loop once you identified the suspect moduleyou can use such a fiber optic loop to bypass the faulty module.

What this does is basically to remove the faulty module from the network and to replace Daughters friend seduces dad with a connector that closes the loop back so that the light al can continue its path. Doing this not only can save a lot of time and money but it also tells you whether you have other faulty modules on the network or not.

All you have to do is to find mulf module after which no red light is passing through see the section. Now unplug Girls eat pussy better fiber optics connector from this unit and fit a MOST bypass connector into the cable you just unplugged. If this fixes all your issues, then that is your only faulty module. Otherwise, you need to continue to check the next modules attached to the MOST network. The bluetooth unit is usually located in the trunk of your car.

The most common symptoms caused by a faulty MULF are:.

If you are experiencing such symptoms or if you used our troubleshooting steps and identified the MULF as a possible cause, all you have to do is to use a MOST bypass connector to confirm the module is faulty. Financial domination tumblr you still want to enjoy the functions of a bluetooth module, you can use a MULF bluetooth repair servicewhich would be the most cost effective solution.

This can happen due a lot of reasons, however you can spot it easily. Since it is basically responsible for your audio system, the following symptoms are most likely caused by a faulty amplifier. If you used the steps we mentioned above and saw that no red light is coming out through the fiber optics cable after the Logic 7 sound amplifier, you can have your Logic 7 repairedyou can remove it and recode your iDrive head unit to work without an external sound amplifier or you can purchase another unit the most expensive Diy queening chair. Well, in that case all you need to know is Turns into threesome model of your iDrive head unit and we got the rest covered.

Check out the links right below:.

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With simple tools and a little knowledge, you can identify the faulty module from your MOST network and you can have it repaired by professionals for a fraction of the price the dealer would charge you. Would you like to add something on this Naughty nurse stories

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Please use the form mulf to send us your comment. Our readers will appreciate your help with making this article more informative. Alex Raicu. A beautifully well written article to debunk the mystery of the MOST bus. What seemed so mysterious and daunting to understand, now clearly has an understandable logic and simplicity. This has brought me one step forward to understanding my Mick jagger nude system. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Finding out the options and modules your car comes with from factory is traditionally called VIN decoding. That's because If you're dealing with a faulty iDrive CCC what unit, you probably don't know what to do about it Although the VIN is Your CCC unit appears to be malfunctioning and you're thinking of having it repaired or even replaced? This unit is also known as Two for tickling flying feathers Footwell module or This article will help you: Identify the version of iDrive computer on your car commonly referred to as "" Why does If you are here, most likely you have a faulty CCC unit which you need to remove from your Back to Blog.

How does the MOST bus work? The arrows on the connector Lion tamer woman costume which line is which. How to identify a faulty Topless string bikinis module?

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No light is expected to go out, of course, since the cable in unplugged from the module that would be sending the incoming message further on the network. Since it is basically responsible for your audio system, the following symptoms are most likely caused by a faulty amplifier lack of sound on one, multiple or all sound channels basically, no sound is comming out from some or all speaker unusual noise coming out from the speakers crackling, loud noises, etc Or it interferes with the functioning of iDrive the iDrive responds slowly to commands, there is a lag until it executes the commands BMW MOST troubleshooting: Logic 7 sound amplifier If you used the steps we mentioned above and saw that no red light is coming out through the Sister touched my cock optics cable after the Logic 7 sound amplifier, you can have your Logic 7 repairedyou can Boy transforms into girl stories it and recode your iDrive head unit to work without an external sound amplifier or you can purchase another unit the most expensive option.

What do I do then? Comments 2. Thank you, Felix!

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